Environment Setup & Hardening:

  • Setup of DEV, SIT, PRE-PROD and PROD environments
  • Setup ESB Clusters
  • Setup of Clustered, persistent ActiveMQ/Rabbit MQ
  • Setup of Zuul for configuration management and integrate with Mule ESB
  • Setup MMC for ESB Servers & Cluster management
  • Harden ESB, CloudHub for Production use
  • Define initial JVM memory settings and enable JMX for instrumentation
  • Documentation of Environment Setup

Build Automation:

  • Setup Jenkins as CI Server
  • Integrate Jenkins and Source Control (SVN or GIT)
  • Integrate Jenkins and Maven for building applications
  • Enable Functional or Munit testing from Jenkins/Maven
  • Integrate Jenkins and MMC for Repository updates
  • Setup of Sonar Cube for Code Quality and Analysis
  • Setup of Checkstyle for static code analysis